How to play Tile Fall

screenshot 1 1. The game starts. Look for the largest groups of tiles you can find. That group of blue tiles looks promising!
screenshot 2 2. See if the existing groups can be expanded by removing other tiles. Removing the group of red tiles left of the middle of the board causes the blue tiles above to fall down. Now there is a much larger group of blue tiles, that'll score more points.
screenshot 3 3. The blue tiles are removed, scoring 400 points! The surrounding tiles fall down, changing the way the board looks quite significantly.
screenshot 4 4. Clearing the group of 4 yellows at the bottom middle causes a whole column of tiles to be completely empty. When this happens, the tiles to the right are pushed over so that they once more meet with the other group.
screenshot 5 5. If you manage to clear every single tile on the board (which can be very tricky with lots of different types of tile on the board at once), you get a 1000 point bonus. Can you beat the all-time-greatest Tile Fall High Scores?